Costume, cultura e società

Studying journalism

At 126 Shirland Road, in Maida Vale, the London School of Journalism receives many students coming from all over the world every year. Many of them are there because they have always desired to be journalists, many others are already freelance journalists, writing for various newspapers in their own countries and few others are still in doubt on what to do about their lives. However, all of them feel that writing is a long life necessity.

It was sunshine that day. While having a break between lessons, students stood, sat, chatted, smoked and laughed in the small, clean and peaceful courtyard which welcomes at the LSJ.

Notting HillAlessandro T., 20, student, from Rome, was a brilliant, Italian guy, always smiling, who came at LSJ because he felt the urge of “writing untold stories”. “Since I was 15 years old, I have had the desire to become a journalist. I want to write stories on people whose voice is often unheard. “My father’s parents came to Rome from the South of Italy seeking new possibilities and a better life. My father succeeded, got money to buy a house for each of his children, but never forgot from where he came from. So do I.” Alessandro was studying at LUISS, a well known Italian private University, getting great results. His girlfriend was waiting for him in Rome: “She is the only thing I truly miss at the moment. I’m happy to be here. It’s my first time in London. To be honest, I haven’t visited it too much yet: I didn’t think the course would be so demanding. However, I’m learning al lot and already noted the differences between the British and the Italian system.” Alessandro, though so young, had already had some experiences in journalism. He wrote some articles for “Panorama”, an Italian popular magazine, and worked at LUISS radio channel, the University radio. “For what I have learnt up to now, I think I prefer the Italian way of journalism. At least, I need to express clearly my personal statements, just to know that I can in fact. Writing only events, like it seems that English journalists do, does not fulfill my personal inner necessity.”




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