Costume, cultura e società

Studying journalism (part 2)


Cagil Kasapoglu, 26, freelance journalist, born in Istanbul, had a deep green eyed glance. Western way dressed, Turkish girl, she had already been in many parts of the world, both for studying and working. “I don’t live anywhere,” she said, adding “I’m free in most of the things of my life”.

She made immediately clear that she was not going to talk about herself, only about work experiences and hopes: “being journalist is a matter of work”.

“I traveled a lot, either in the middle east and in the west side. I got my BA in International Relations at the Koc University in Istanbul. I studied also here in UK, at the Kingston University,  for a Master of Science in International Conflicts. I got an internship at CNN Turkey from where I followed all the main events happened in the last decade and worked in Lebanon for more than a year. I saw the Saddam Hussein execution.”

Cagil was in London because “it is the Mecca of journalism.”

“If I could, I would implement the entire British system into the Turkish one. Here you can do your job without fears of saying what you think. In the Middle East people have more taboos because of political and religious fears. People here are more willing to tell their stories. And I want to be the voice of people. All people, without restrictions.”

She was attending the summer course because she wanted to improve her skills, her knowledge of the British system and awareness on what a journalist is and has to do.

“I would like to work here. I want to increase my professionalism. I’m more into printed journalism like The Guardian or Times. I hate papers like The Sun. Tabloids are only made by pictures of pitiful women.”

Karen McDonald, 43, from London, is a beautiful, English lady. Elegantly dressed, with a peaceful and sweet smile, Karen said that when she applied for the summer course at the LSJ she did not feel confident in pressing “send” on her computer, at the end of the process. “I still don’t know what to do.”

Karen left school when she was 16. Thought she got excellent academic marks, she was fed up of school. So she took a course on graphic designer, but then was employed at British Gas. “It was terrible. So boring”.

In few years later, she married, got a baby, then divorced and married again. She traveled a lot following her husband, who was sent to USA for working . “I feel I’ve never had my own identity.. just following.”



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