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Presepio, an Italian tradition

PresepioIt’s Christmas time! And Italy, as usual, will offer you something more and different: the Presepio!

In fact, visiting Italian cities, during this period of the year, will also mean not only seeing unique monuments and wonderful landscapes, but also being amazed, as all the kids are, by the Italian Presepi.

Everything started in the far year 1223 A. D., when San Francesco d’Assisi made the first live show ever: people, in their blood and flesh, representing the Holy Nativity. In fact, il Presepio is simply that: a representation of the nativity of Jesus Christ with the land around it, such as hills, villages and all the trades of the country, the different workers and the three Magi who come to offer their gifts to the baby Jesus.

However, the show is not always live. In fact, since then, Presepio has become very popular in every Italian house. In fact, you can make your own representation. If you go to Naples or to Rome, you can buy characters, animals, houses and a crib where in the night of the 24th of December a small Child comes into the world. Also rivers, lakes, cascades, palm trees and lots of small lights to make everything magical.

It is now a part of the Italian culture and a form of art. There are associations that protect this tradition like a cultural good and museums in which, every December, the most peculiar, and sometimes odd, Presepi are shown. As a matter of fact, there are Presepi made of paper, bread, glass, ice, and of course also pasta and pizza!

I you have never seen one of those Presepi, you cannot miss them any further! Buy a ticket to Italy and make your Presepi tour: this is the right time to have a new magical experience in a country where everything can really happen!




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